Target audience

Professional guiding in the broadest sense

In addition to tourist guided tours, LiveTours can be implemented in various situations as a form of communicative guidance for knowledge sharing, education and learning skills.
LiveTours has numerous application and user possibilities! Not only for tourist and cultural tours, LiveTours is perfectly suited for company tours and introductions; visits to attractions and curiosities in museums etc; translating and translator support; instructions to company groups; recreational application and sport instruction.

No internet necessary

LiveTours is operated with the use of a small mobile wifi router which makes it possible to operate anywhere on earth even when there is no internet connection available: for example in the Sahara desert; the catacombs in Paris or inside a pyramid…anywhere on earth but even on the moon LiveTours would work!

LiveTours is operated with the use of a mobile router; however in locations where a wifi network is available, for example a museum, the mobile router is not necessary.

LiveTours is easy to use

For each guided tour the LiveTours app is activated and participants log on after downloading the app from the guide. At that moment the LiveTours app is ready to use and the guide can begin the tour. No internet is needed when connected to the small wifi router

Simple pricing

The pricing of LiveTours is the cost of one guided tour. Attractive discounts are offered when bulk tour bundles are purchased.

Tour guides and tour guide organisations:

LiveTours unburdens

No more irritating whisper sets – with LiveTours they are history! Sufficient capacity to communicate to the whole group (max 30 persons) is assured. No need to check hired or borrowed sets to see if the work properly, no need to check hat participants have returned them.

Hygienic and no noise disturbance

With LiveTours the participants and guides use their own smart phone and ear phones, trusted and more hygienic.
Due to direct-in-ear communication (via earplugs), there is little trouble with ambient noise. In addition the guide is able to speak with normal voice volume – no need to shout which is good for the guide’s vocal chords; for the participants and other visitors outside the group!


Cultural and tourist attractions

Possibility to integrate in own app

Many museums and other cultural attractions have developed their own app for customers/visitors to log into. For organisations that wish to offer their customers LiveTours in addition to the provided app; LiveTours have developed aspecial application with which seamless integration is possible.

Customer added value and low costs

Cultural institutions and attractions are thus able to offer a total service package to customers/visitors and realise increased customer added value and satisfaction

Additional benefit is that the locations provide wifi connection so that guides will not need to purchase a wifi router


LiveTours is also very interesting for companies and institutions

LiveTours is widely applicable

LiveTours is primarily developed for the tour guides. however LiveTours can be widely implemented in numerous situations where a form of guiding is used, such as in knowledge sharing and learning skills

Examples for LiveTours usage:

  • Company tours
  • Group instruction
  • Commercial
  • Recreation e.g.: dancing lessons
  • Translation of information for groups (interpreter)
  • Especially suitable for immediate in-ear translation for mobile groups

In effect, LiveTours can be implemented in all situations where direct-in- ear communication is of added value.