LiveTours – live audio systeem for professional guided tours, with many extras.

LiveTours provides high quality direct-in-ear audio group communication for guides; mentors and instructors. Reliable and hygienic communication through owners own smart phone without noise disturbance from the direct surroundings. In addition the guides spoken information can be supported with visual aids (photographs, drawings etc) through the LiveTours connection LiveTours provides optimal performance without the requirement of an internet connection.

Get started with LiveTours in 3 simple steps:

1. Easy preparation

Download the app and prepare your tour.
Create an audio-only tour or one with text and images

2. Connect participants

Have your participants connect to your mobile wi-fi router after installation of the free LiveTours app.

3. Tell your story

Start the tour and begin storytelling or give your instruction

Download the app

Apple - App Store
Google - Play store

“At last! no more irritating whisper-sets”

“Is it really true? Rates per day, and per participant, for less than €1,00 !?”

“A seamless integration in our software”

Wow there are so many applicationsso many possibilities!

The numerous advantages of LiveTours

  • Unlimited use for 24 hours at a time

  • Walk & talk, optional extra media
  • Can be used immediately without delivery times

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