The LiveTours proposition

LiveTours provides high quality direct-in-ear audio communication from a guide; a coach or an instructor to a group. Reliable and hygienic communication through owners own smart phone without noise disturbance from the direct surroundings. In addition the guides spoken information can be supported with visual aids (photographs, drawings etc) through the LiveTours connection LiveTours provides optimal performance without the requirement of an internet connection.

LiveTours is suitable for a wide range of applications such as: Guided tours (tourism, places of interest, monuments, industry, companies), instruction (education, training, and courses), translators and interpreters etc. .


LiveTours is a communication platform and app with a prime focus on the support of guides during group guided tours.

Technically the total system comprises:

  • LiveTours: the support system and app
  • ​Tour guidemanager: the manager of tour guides with larger organisations​
  • Tour guide: the storyteller with a smartphone, microphone and LiveTours app; a mobile wi-fi router, including 2 USB powerbank batteries
  • Particpants: the listener with a smartphone, earplugs and the LiveTours app​

How LiveTours works:

Guided tour preparation:

  • • Guided tours are purchased via a smart phone (app) from individual guides or private invoiced sales when purchased by large umbrella organisations; the platform is subsequently activated and the guided tour can begin
  • After the members of a guided tour have purchased the tour via their smart phones (app) from the guide: the tour can begin
  • A mobile wifi router is purchased in advance by the guide and connected to his/her smart phone
  • The participant needs to download the LiveTours app via Play store or Apple store and preferably immediately after purchasing a ticket for a guided tour
  • Earplugs are connected to the participant smart phones (earplugs could also be acquired from the tour guide)
  • The participant enables a connection with the wi-fi network of the tour guide
  • Via the LiveTours app the particpants can join the tour and listen to the tour guide

During a guided tour:

  • The tour guide talks with normal volume of speech in the microphone while the participants hear the voice via their earplugs
  • The tour guide can share additional images and text during their narrative. During the tour each shared image and text appears on the smartphones screen of participants. These images and texts are created in advance as ‘prepared tours’ via the LiveTours portal.

After the guided tour:

  • All participant receive a summary of the tour within the LiveTours app (digital brochure)
  • The guide and the participants stop the app
  • The participants could retain the earphones (if provided by the guide)