LiveTours in your own software

Software Development Kit (SDK)

To integrate the LiveTours technology into your own software, we have developed the Software Development Kit (SDK). With which LiveTours can be integrated in your own app!
Result? Your own app is therefore suitable for guiding groups with live audio communication.

  • If you have an existing app for your museum or campus?
    Have a built-in LiveTours to provide a realtime speech audio system for your groups to participate in professional live guided tours.
  • Are you creating an app for a congress or exhibition?
    Reach out to more people with the addition of the LiveTours app and create live presentations.
  • Bus trip? Boat trip? On-site tours?
    Whatever the means of travel..Integrate LiveTours into your existing app for quality guiding; live audio communication and presentations.
  • Already have an app for students?
    Integrate LiveTours app for live lectures and live explanations at on-site excursions…

In short, the possibilities are endless!

In addition to a short instruction, the LiveTours SDK always contains a practical working example in the source code of your favorite platform.
You can then compile this yourself for proper functioning within your own development environment(s) and serve as a guideline for a qualitative integration.
In order to ensure a good integration process and to keep some insight into the wide variety of implementations, we only offer the SDK on request.

Request LiveTours SDK

You can directly request the LiveTours SDK using the following form:

    Could you send me the LiveTours SDK for the following platform(s):