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Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What is LiveTours?2022-06-28T22:53:03+02:00

LiveTours is an initiative of innovative entrepreneurs from the branch of guided tours and whisper sets, who observed guides struggling with the disadvantages of using whisper sets.

LiveTours is a communication platform and app with a prime focus on the support of guides during group guided tours.
• LiveTours is available for Apple iPhone and Android smart phones

• LiveTours provides high quality direct-in-ear audio group communication for guides; mentors and instructors. Own Smartphone ensures safe, trusted and hygienic use with no noise disturbance from the direct surroundings. In addition the guides spoken information can be supported with visual aids (photographs, drawings etc) through the LiveTours connection • LiveTours works optimally without internet connection

Why is LiveTours unique?2022-06-28T22:54:31+02:00

LiveTours is the only live audio app for guided tours that functions in locations where mobile internet is not available.
Participants use their own Smartphone and will never experience additional data costs

For whom is LiveTours suitable and interesting?2022-06-28T22:55:21+02:00

Although LiveTours is primarily developed for the tour guide organisations, there are numerous additional possibilities for usage, such as: company tours; instruction (education, seminars, training sessions) translator and interpreter use, to mention but a few!

In which countries can LiveTours be used?2022-06-28T22:56:48+02:00

LiveTours is available for use worldwide even in locations where there is no internet provided. And in all situations where a form of guiding with live audio communication is needed.

Why do I need a wifi router?2022-06-28T23:00:52+02:00

LiveTours is designed to provide the best experience during a guided tour even when there is poor or no internet connection. For optimal results LiveTours has implemented a specific high quality wifi travel router for guides. (Weighing only < 100 grams the router fits easily in a pocket or handbag.) The tour participants connect their Smartphone to the guide’s wifi router.
With the use of the router LiveTours easily accommodates groups consisting of up to 40 participants. For larger groups please contact LiveTours –

The router also enables a distance of 25 meters between the guide and the participants. So groups can spread out and encircle the guide at a total of 50 meters… Approximately half the size of a football pitch!!

How does LiveTours work?2022-06-28T23:04:58+02:00

Tour preparation:

Guided tours can be purchased by individual guides via the LiveTours website and via the Smartphone app; after which the platform is activated and guided tours can start.
The guide purchases the wifi router in advance and connects it to his/her Smartphone. The guide can start up the tour via the Smartphone (app)
Participants download the LiveTours app via Google Play store or Apple store (preferably directly after purchasing a tour ticket) for free

Participants connect earplugs to their Smartphone (may also be supplied by the guide)
The participants connect their smartphone to the tour guides wifi router.

During the guided tour:

The guide speaks in a normal voice volume into his/her microphone and the participants listen through the earplugs.
The guide is also able to support the vocal information with visual aids transferred from his/her Smartphone to the participants Smartphone.

After the tour:

After the tour has finished the participants receive, via the app, an extract from the tour (digital brochure).
The guide and the participants can stop the app
Optionally the participants keep the earplugs (if provided by the guide)

LiveTours works with a Smartphone and yet no internet is needed?2022-06-28T23:08:43+02:00

Exactly! This is correct. LiveTours is designed and developed specifically for offline use. LiveTours has been tested in Rome, Paris, London and Amsterdam by professional guides and in real life situations.

During the test phase we realised that could not always rely on public internet connection. Top quality connection for guides and participants was most important issue especially in locations with poor or no internet connect such as historical buildings with thick walls and deep cellars. A separate mobile wifi router was the solution for optimal LiveTours usage.

An additional great advantage is that international tourists /participants do not need to purchase local SIM cards or continual switching to local public internet providers or networks.

LiveTours is designed to function independently of local availability and quality of public wifi or 3G/4G network connections. LiveTours requires the use of GL-iNet Slate Router (weighs only <100grams and fits easily into a pocket) ensuring LiveTours guarantee for professional quality and functionality.

LiveTours requires the use of its own wifi network for professional and quality functionality.
Guides providing a wifi network for the tour participants guarantee a LiveTours experience with professional quality.
Purchase the award winning GL-iNet Slate Travel Router including standard USB Power Bank (5V/15000mAh) at Amazon. The compact router fits easily in a pocket or handbag. See: Tour instructions
The travel router is for immediate use (no additional settings needed). Connect it to your battery pack – switch it on – READY!!
As a guide – what do I need?2022-06-28T23:11:17+02:00
  • Tour Guide Account Registration with LiveTours – it’s free of charge!
  • Make sure you have purchased (enough) tours to enable LiveTours activation
  • In the LiveTours portal, attach photos/illustrations that you wish to share with tour participants
  • Use a headset with microphone (wired of Bluetooth)
  • Make sure you have the GL-iNet Slate wifi travel router with you
  • Make sure your Smartphone is completely fully charged and the LiveTours app is already installed
  • Consider to have extra (fully charged) power banks for ‘forgetful’ participants
  • Use a Smartphone from 2018 or younger
What do participants need?2022-06-28T23:13:00+02:00

We strongly advise participants to download the LiveTours app (free)
It is not necessary for guests to have a LiveTours account – direct tour participation is possible through the LiveTours app
Guests use their own earplugs/headsets (wired or Bluetooth)
Guests are advised to make sure before the tour commences that their Smartphone are completely fully charged
LiveTours advise participants to use a Smartphone from 2016 or younger

What does LiveTours cost?2023-09-20T10:23:57+02:00

LiveTours is free for participants on a tour. The app can be downloaded free of charge (Apple Store or Google Play store)

The costs for the guide consist of a compensation for a LiveTours Tour day

A Tour Day is the use of LiveTours for a period of 24 hours from the moment of starting a tour.
During these 24 hours, LiveTours can be switched on and off at random and the group of participants and/or the content of the tour may also be changed during this time. This means that multiple tours can be done in succession as long as the duration of 24 hours is not exceeded.

We advise a guide to also purchase a small WiFi router to be able to operate independently of (public) WiFi.
The one-off costs for the WiFi router are approximately €100 to €125, including microphone/headset and USB power bank.

Tour days can be purchased from €8.50 per day. For a group of 10 participants, this is only €0.85 per day per participant. Significantly lower than the rental price of a traditional whisper set.

Purchased tour days have no expiration date. They remain valid until they are actually used. Only when supplies run out do new Tour Days need to be purchased. This can be done online and the tour days are immediately available.
For your convenience, Promotional packages have also been put together, consisting of a bundle of Tour days and the necessary hardware (mobile router, microphone/headset and power bank. Promotional packages start from €10 per tour day, including hardware, and for the intensive user there is a package for even €2.30 per day!

Promotional packages are available from €10 per tour day, including hardware, and for the intensive user there is a package for even €2.30 per day. This allows you to first get acquainted with LiveTours without having to incur any costs.

What is a Tourday?2023-09-20T10:25:28+02:00

A Tour Day is the use of LiveTours for a period of 24 hours from the moment of starting a tour.

Can an organisation become a reseller of LiveTours?2022-06-28T23:20:32+02:00

In the LiveTours partner-program there is a possibility for organisations to become a reseller. Based on correct conditions and clear reseller agreements, an organisation will be authorised to sell LiveTours products to customers.

Interested? For further information send an email to

Can LiveTours be integrated in my own app?2022-06-28T23:23:37+02:00

Yes definitely!
For this purpose we have developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) With which LiveTours can be integrated in your own app! Result? Your own app is therefore suitable for guiding groups with live audio communication.

If you have an existing app for your museum or campus? Integrate the LiveTours technology for guiding/communicating to groups.
Are you creating an app for a congress or exhibition? Reach out to more people with the addition of the LiveTours app and create live presentations.

Bus trip? Boat trip? On-site tours? Whatever the means of travel..Integrate LiveTours into your existing app for quality guiding; live audio communication and presentations.
Already have an app for students? Integrate LiveTours app for live lectures and live explanations at on-site excursions…

In short….the uses of LiveTours are never ending, limited only by your imagination…

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