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While it was not originally designed for the purpose of social distancing, LiveTours fills a critical need for the travel industry to prove that they take safety and well-being of their guests seriously.

Group Tours are especially challenging to keep safe, but LiveTours are taking steps to help their partners protect the traveling public…

John PeahlSanSee Systems

We are a fully automated production environment and give tours on a regular basis.

As we normally have to shout above the noise of the machines, we have now found the perfect way with LiveTours to give our visitors the necessary explanation about our production, without having to ‘yell’!

Melissa Morren Borginsole

It is my pleasure to recommend the innovative LiveTours software as I have been following the company developments from an early date.

We recognize that the LiveTours solution plays an important part in further enhancing the customer experience and saving the company equipment rental costs

Stephen OddoWalks (TakeWalks – CityExperiences)

It is my pleasure to recommend the innovative LiveTours software to everyone.

With over 20 years of experience in providing cruises on river ships, we see great use for LiveTours when passengers go ashore in various river cities for (city) walks and / or tours during a multi-day river cruise.

Roland NoordermeerRiver Cruise App

I would like to recognize the added value the LiveTours live audio-system provides to our guided tour services for the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages to Mecca.

Hakan BayrakBayrak Kilavuz Turizm