Purchasing Tours

What is a tour?
LiveTours can be implemented after purchasing so-called tours. A tour is the use of the app for specific purposes with groups, such as a guided tours or giving instructions. A tour is valid for the time length of the guided tour or time of instruction. When the tour or instruction is concluded the purchased tour is terminated. For a following tour or instruction a new ‘tour’ must be implemented.
There are tour bundles available. Purchasing tour bundles is more economic and the tour prices become more attractive. Purchasing a large bundle of tours is extra economic because there are no use-by dates attached!

Cost of a guided tour
The cost of a LiveTours tour is per guided tour regardless of the number of participants or time length., which would be the case for traditional whisper sets. For fast decision-makers there is a special reduced introduction price available.

Purchasing the wifi router

Why a wifi router?
LiveTours operates with the use of a small mobile wifi router therefore local internet is not necessary.
LiveTours does not supply the wifi router but has carried out thorough research to find the most suitable router for audio quality.

Which router does LiveTours advise?
For groups up to 30 persons and within a maximum distance of 50 meters from the guide, LiveTours advises the use of the mobiole router by GL-iNet
GL AR750S-Ext (Slate) Gigabit AC VPN mobile router

Professional quality
Handy size
Best Price
The GL.iNet Slate fits in your pocket

Attractive offers

Make your choice:*
Price per tour
5 tours € 18,95
25 tours € 16,95
50 tours € 14,95
100 tours € 12,95
* Click and buy
** All prices excluding V.A.T.
No expiry date Regardless of total number of guests Buy larger packages with discount!

Customer Registration

You can register as customer or as LiveTours interested via the LiveTours app:

  1. Download and start the LiveTours app on your smartphone
  2. Select ‘New Tour Guide Sign Up’ and complete your registration
  3. Retrieve your confirmation e-mail (check your SPAM-box)
  4. Confirm your account (using the button in the e-mail)
  5. Now you can login as a tour guide

Useful links for ordering

The GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) Gigabit AC VPN mobile router is available with attractive price at Amazon.
For your convenience LiveTours has supplied the links to Amazon in various countries.
Click on the lead buttons stated below per country or contact the Amazon store in your country.

Please note:
In the case of a group within a larger distance than 50 meters it is advisable to use a router with a stronger Arial.

Purchase your wifi router via the links below:
Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de
Amazon.es Amazon.it Amazon.fr
Amazon.cn Amazon.jp Amazon.nl