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What is LiveTours?2020-06-04T19:23:31+00:00

LiveTours is a modern innovative audio system for professional tour guide organisations.
LiveTours is based on an app that you can download and install on your smartphone.
The LiveTours app is available for:

  • iPhones in the Apple App-store
  • Android smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Sony in the Google Play-store.

With LiveTours you can share your unique photos with your tour guests during the tour.
You can easily use LiveTours for groups up to 40 tour guests.

Why LiveTours?2020-06-01T12:16:56+00:00

LiveTours is the only live tour guide app that can be used in places where there is no, or low quality, public wi-fi or 3G/4G available. And tour guests don’t need to worry about costly data usage.

For whom is LiveTours?2020-05-31T11:14:24+00:00

LiveTours is designed and developed for the professional tour guide organisations and their guests.
And anyone who requires a high quality solution for live audio in real-time on their smartphone.


How does LiveTours work?2020-06-04T19:24:09+00:00

LiveTours is designed to get the best guided tours experience, even when there is no or low quality Internet available. Therefore LiveTours uses a specific high quality wi-fi travel router that is carried along by the tour guide. (It weighs <100g and fits easily in your pocket.) The tour guests are connected to the wi-fi of their guide.

We avoid interference by using wi-fi, designed to deal with this problem by protocol and design.
The audio is distributed as an audio-stream over a wi-fi connection between the smartphone of the tour guide and the smartphone of your guest.
All you have to do is make sure the guests are connected to the same (local offline) wi-fi network of the tour guide.

LiveTours warrants a maximal latency (sound delay) of approximately 100ms on Apple iPhones and 500ms – 700ms on Android smartphones (depending on model).

You can easily use LiveTours for groups up to 40 tour guests. For bigger groups please contact us.

Distance between the tour guide and the tour guests up to 25 meter. Groups can spread over a total distance of 50 meter with the tour guide in the middle.
If the distance between the tour guide and a guest extends the 25 meter, glitches might occasionally occur. However the LiveTours app will automatically reconnect when the tour guest gets within 25 meter from the tour guide again. When bigger distances are required, please contact us.

LiveTours works even if the guide is in a different room than the guests. (Hidden) steel constructions might occasionally cause glitches. However the LiveTours app will automatically reconnect.

No internet needed during a tour?2020-06-04T20:55:23+00:00

Exactly, this is correct. LiveTours is designed and developed to manage tours offline specifically.
LiveTours has been tested in Rome, Paris, London & Amsterdam with professional tour guides in real life situations.

We found that relying on the internet for connecting guests, like other tour guiding apps, will not provide the professional performance in quality that we aim for.
Internet or 3G/4G networks are not always available, especially inside (old) buildings. Also, the smartphone of the guests will switch between different public wi-fi or 3G/4G networks during the tour causing nuisance for the guide. And intercontinental guests need to buy local SIM-cards to prevent high roaming coasts for the use of internet.

LiveTours is designed to work independent of the local availability and quality of the public internet wi-fi or 3G/4G networks. LiveTours requires the use of the GL-iNet Slate Travel Router, to warrant the professional quality of the LiveTours experience (it weighs <100g and fits easily in your pocket).


What do I need to use LiveTours?2020-06-04T19:28:39+00:00

Tour Guests

  • We strongly recommend to advice your tour guests to download the LiveTours app before the tour (free download)
  • Guests don’t need an account, they can join a tour directly via the LiveTours app
  • Guests can use their own earbuds / headset (wired or bluetooth)
  • Advice your guests to bring their smartphone with a ‘fully loaded battery’
  • We recommend tour guests to use smartphones from 2016 and newer

Tour Guide

  • Register with LiveTours for a tour guide account, it is free! See: Getting started
  • Make sure you have purchased enough tours to activate your LiveTours tour. See: Buy your tour package
  • Add the photo’s you want to share with your tour guests in the LiveTours Portal
  • Use a headset microphone (wired or bluetooth)
  • Bring your GL-iNet Slate portable wi-fi travel router
  • Bring your phone ‘with a fully loaded battery’ and the LiveTours app ‘already’ installed
  • Bring along some extra (charged) powerbanks for the ‘forgetful’ guests…
  • Use a smartphone from 2018 or newer

Wi-fi Network
LiveTours requires the use of its own wi-fi network, to warrant the professional quality of the LiveTours tour.
By providing your own wi-fi network to your guests, you warrant the professional quality of the LiveTours experience.
Purchase the award winning GL-iNet Slate Travel Router with a standard USB Power Bank (5V/15000mAh) at Amazon. It fits easily in your pocket, or handbag. See: Touring instructions

You can use the travel router straight out of the box (no additional settings necessary). Just connect it to your battery pack, switch it on and there you go!

What is the pricing of LiveTours?2020-06-02T07:56:36+00:00

Guests and Tour Guides can download the app for free.
LiveTours can be downloaded from the Apple App-store and the Google Play-store.

The tour guides can register for free via the app. See also: Getting started
There is no registration required for guests.

Currently we have a Covid-19 Free Usage offer to use LiveTours for free!
In addition, we have an Introduction offer with 50% discount for the first package you purchase.
No expiration date for purchased tours.



How can I purchase tours?2020-05-30T16:06:53+00:00

Log in at: https://portal.livetours.com
• Click button ‘Buy Tours
• Choose your preferable tour package
• Purchase tours

*) In case you urgently need 1 extra tour: Buy it in the app.
Select the tab ‘Profile’ > ‘Tours remaining’ > ‘Buy tour

More information: Buying Tours

How to use LiveTours smoothly?2021-09-16T20:08:17+00:00

To warrant smooth touring for the tour guide:

Verify if you can answer all the following questions with ‘Yes’.

Your LiveTours account

Your smartphone:

  • Do you use a smartphone from 2018 or upwards?
  • Have you downloaded the LiveTours app on your smartphone?
  • Have you charged the battery of your smartphone?
  • Have you started your tour on your smartphone?
  • Have you been offline >36 hours with the LiveTours app running?
    • You wil be notified automatically to go online with the LiveTours app for a minute (for periodic automatic account verification).

Your Travel Router:

  • Do you use the GL-iNet Slate Travel Router? (No additional settings necessary.)
  • Did you switch the travel router on?
  • Have you charged the battery pack for your Travel Router?
  • Did you connect the battery pack to your Travel Router?

Connecting your smartphone to your Travel Router

  • Is your smartphone connected to the wi-fi network of your Travel Router?


To warrant smooth touring for tour guests:


  • Ask the tour guests if they use a smartphone from 2016 and upwards
    • Ask guests with a smartphone from 2015 and earlier to stand closer to you (< 12m)

The LiveTours app

  • Ensure all tour guests have downloaded the LiveTours app on their smartphone
    • If not, ask these guests to download the app using a public wi-fi or 3G/4G.
      (They cannot download the app using the wi-fi network of your Travel Router since it is not connected to the internet!)

Connecting tour guests to your tour

  • Ask your guests to check if they are connected to the wi-fi network of your Travel Router
    • If not, ask these guests to connect to this wi-fi network
  • Ask your guests to open the Live Tours app on their smartphone
  • Ask your guests to join the tour
GL-iNET travel router money back guarantee2020-06-13T11:59:07+00:00

Only for customers with a Covid-19 Free Use account we have the following money back guarantee, if not satisfied with the LiveTours experience:

This guarantee is only valid under the condition that LiveTours receives your GL-iNet Slate travel router

  • within 14 days after LiveTours activated your Covid-19 Free Usage account
  • in the original packaging
  • undamaged

To get your refund for the travel router, send it to:

LiveTours BV
Marnixkade 30 II
1015 XP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Don’t forget to add your bankaccount details!

Can I use one account/tour package for all tour guides working for our organisation?2020-06-12T13:06:14+00:00

The LiveTours account allows your tour-guide organisation to register and manage all your tour guides.

To enable this feature please contact us to setup your special account.

When your tour guide manager logs into our portal-website (portal.livetours.com ) an additional menu-item ‘Users’ is shown.
In this menu-item you can administer (add, remove or edit) the tour guides working for your organisation.
These tour guides can use LiveTours with your account/tour package.

Still can’t find the information you are looking for? Please contact us:

Contact LiveTours
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