Tour preparation:

Guided tours can be purchased by individual guides via the LiveTours website and via the Smartphone app; after which the platform is activated and guided tours can start.
The guide purchases the wifi router in advance and connects it to his/her Smartphone. The guide can start up the tour via the Smartphone (app)
Participants download the LiveTours app via Google Play store or Apple store (preferably directly after purchasing a tour ticket) for free

Participants connect earplugs to their Smartphone (may also be supplied by the guide)
The participants connect their smartphone to the tour guides wifi router.

During the guided tour:

The guide speaks in a normal voice volume into his/her microphone and the participants listen through the earplugs.
The guide is also able to support the vocal information with visual aids transferred from his/her Smartphone to the participants Smartphone.

After the tour:

After the tour has finished the participants receive, via the app, an extract from the tour (digital brochure).
The guide and the participants can stop the app
Optionally the participants keep the earplugs (if provided by the guide)