Covid-19 Free Usage Offer

Fortunately, we see that the authorities are step by step alleviating the anti-corona measures and hope that guided tours will be possible again in the coming months. Therefore, we present a unique offer to use our smartphone based professional tour guiding system, helping you to restart your business:

The Covid-19 Free Usage offer until May 31st (extended!)
To apply:

  1. Purchase your own GL-iNET Slate portable wi-fi travel router and a USB powerbank (5V/15000mAh). See our money back guarantee.
  2. E-mail the invoice of this wi-fi travel router to

LiveTours will then activate your account and you can start using LiveTours for free!
You’ll earn back the small expenditure of the travel router in no time by the free usage of LiveTours.

LiveTours requires the use of its own wi-fi network, to warrant the professional quality of the LiveTours experience.

Purchase the award winning
GL-iNet Slate Travel Router with a standard USB Power Bank (5V/15000mAh) at Amazon. The travel router fits easily in your pocket.
Or use the Amazon-site for your country…
GL-iNet Slate Travel Router

Hold on! There is more:

Introduction Offer

Get 50% discount on all LiveTours tour packages within the ‘Covid-19 Free Usage Offer‘ period. No expiration date for purchased tours.